Twister Truck

Inspiration: Twister
Class: Replica
Base: 1979 Jeep J10 Honcho
Location: Golden, CO
Car Owner: Charles Kline

Twister Truck

The Jeep J10 Honcho is the short lived star of Twister. Complete with a screen accurate replica of DOROTHY I, this replica sports its original factory paint and striping package that the film vehicles were based on.

The story from the curator of the Twister Movie Museum in Wakita Oklahoma goes that the production folks were scouting filming location and they came upon a yellow and blue Jeep pickup at a used car lot, they decided that THAT would be what Jo would be chasing tornado with and bought the pickup and had that car dealership build 3 more to match.

The V8 powered full time four wheel drive pickup may not be the more efficient storm chasing vehicle, but it sure is the most fun.

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