Transformers Camaro

Inspiration: Transformers
Class: Tribute
Base: 2010 Camaro SS
Location: Aurora, CO
Car Owner: Ritchie Jones

Transformers Camaro

This 2010 Camaro SS (TF SS) was themed after the Transformers cartoons and the Movie Franchise. Megatron is Decepticon themed Camaro however the car is still themed after the Transformers franchise. Rumor has it that Megatron observed how successful Bumblebee was during battles so he decided to replicate his likeness by commandeering a Camaro. Also, he wanted to completely deceive Optimus Prime by causing mistrust and in-fighting within the Autobots circle. Unfortunately, his devious plan was discovered and the Autobots ousted him so Megatron remained a Camaro in spite of his failure. 

Megatron regrettably embraced his deceptive image and employed Soundwave with Doc to install an arsenal of modifications/upgrades:  


  • Pacesetter Headers
  • RotoFab Carbon Fiber CAI
  • LoudMouth Street Legal Performance Exhaust Kit II
  • Hotchkiss full suspension track racing kit
  • Mishmoto Radiator
  • R1 Concepts full Gold Rotors and Brake Package
  • Nitto 20' tires
  • Foose 20' Wheels 
  • VMS Racing Spikes 
  • Vertical doors
  • 15lb Nitrous Bottle with a cup holder control with 2 purge points 
  • Purple glow illumination behind the grill
  • Multicolored variation underglow lights
  • 6 halo ring multicolor LED system with Ironman eyes 
  • Rotofab engine bay is painted to match the car color
  • Vented carbon fiber hood 


On the dash it reads "More than meets the eye" with a galaxy background with a steel shifter, red and silver piping floor mats which have the word "sinister" stitched into both floor mats. The calipers and rear exhaust pipes are plastidipped in red. The trunk has a customized Decepticon black and red enclosed speaker box with illumination around the 2 10" speakers which can either flash with the music or glow individually. Also, the trunk contains a 10lb NOS bottle attached to a real wood floor. 

Even though Megatron is a 2010 Camaro SS, he still unmistakably deadly and unapologetically menacing as the leader of the Decepticons. 

Ever forward-- no risk no reward,

Mr. Ritchie Jones, MHRM

Cogito Sum Ergo 

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