General Lee

Inspiration: The Dukes Of Hazzard
Class: Replica
Base: 1969 Dodge Charger
Location: Adams County, CO
Car Owner: Eric Nelson

General Lee

I was seven when the first episode of Dukes Of Hazzard aired. Since then I have always collected DOH memorabilia and have a whole room devoted to Dukes and other '80s tv and movie memorabilia, but I still needed the granddaddy of them all: a true full sized General Lee. That part happened in 2006 after finding a nice looking yellow '69 Dodge Charger in Loveland, CO.

My General was completed shortly after I attended DukesFest in Nashville, TN. There I was able to speak to some of the original cast to find what they thought was the correct color code for the General, as there is great debate on that subject.

Since it's completion, this General has been to many events including Denver Comic Con, numerous car shows, special events, parades, county fairs, and Dukesfest in Missouri where I was able to hang out with some of the original cast members and have the car autographed.

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