Batmobile V7

Inspiration: Batman
Class: Tribute
Base: Nissan 350z Anniversary Edition
Location: Gotham / Federal Heights, CO
Car Owner: Tom Ziegelbauer

Batmobile V7

The original concept of this car came from the ridiculous length of the Batmobiles from the 1989 era. Pushing 31' in length it is impactical for those vehicles to be driven in any city or standard type of street. I saw a extremely rare, raw, and upgraded 350z listed and saw the huge potential for such a sportcar to be molded into something that Batman would actually use in his arsenal to fight crime. I told my wife I think I'm going to purchase this car and turn it into the Batmobile to which her reply was: "Go ahead, but then I get your car and we're turning it into a Wonder Woman themed car." The car has been a labor of love and took over 3 years to complete. It's constantly getting upgrades along the way and probably will never truely be finished.

Upgrades: Engine, Suspension, Transmission, Brakes, Exhaust, Custom refractive (non-reflective) paint.

Gadgets and Goodies: Front Turbine/rockets/laser cannons, Rear Afterburner, Twin Gatling Guns, Custom Interior, Custom Flight Stick Shifter, Custom Integrated Bat Computer System and much more.

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